Apr 2, 2008

How To Use Keywords Effectively For Your Website

Keywords are essential to the success of your website. These are the words, which the search engines use to help categorize and rank your pages. For example, if I wanted to know something about the law and child adoption, I would type in “child adoption laws.”

The Search Engines Results Pages will deliver thousands of pages relevant to what I am looking for. This is why it is very important to optimize your website with relevant keywords in order to get the best possible placement. You should use your keywords phrases and keywords effectively within your site so when a search engine spiders your site, the keywords get picked up.

Within the HTML of your site, you should use keywords in the title tag. These keywords should be used in a descriptive sentence for each page within your site. The most relevant keywords and keyword phrases should be used in the home page title.

The use of Meta tags is also important. You should place all relevant keywords and keyword phrases in your Meta tag. Using keyword phrases as opposed to single keywords is generally helpful as single keywords can be very competitive.

Avoid overuse of a keyword. This can actually hurt placement with some search engines if it is used too often. Use commas or spaces to separate the keywords but do not use both. It is also helpful to add common misspellings of a word as well as both the singular and plural forms of the word or phrase.

Use your keywords in the Meta tag description. The description should be relatively short and not exceed twenty-five words. It should also make sense and entice users to click to your site when they view it on a search engine.

Content of your site is the most important part of keyword placement. Search engines often concentrate on the first 250 words for relevancy and density so use the majority of your keywords there. Try to get a five to seven percent density but do not go over this.

Search engines will consider this spamming and it will damage your placement. Make sure the content makes sense without sounding too repetitive. It may be helpful to write your content without using keywords first, and then modify the content to incorporate your most relevant keywords.


The first couple of times I watched this video, as Simon Caul would say "I didn't get it." I really just thought that it was silly, but after a few months I came across it again and thought I'd watch it for a third time. I laughed when watching it and thought, how true it was right from the frustration and anger I experienced three years ago, until I finally found SBI and was able to build my own successful website.

Give it a look, I am sure that many of you have felt this way at one time or another. Hey, you may even have behaved this way, I am sure that you wouldn't be the first, nor the last.

Mar 27, 2008

Is SBI Right For You?

Before discovering Site Build It, I came across several websites claiming that they would build me a free site, and they did. It was great, but being a newbie I didn't know that I would have to register my domain and pay for web hosting each year. The cost was $60. a year and that was for the cheapest host that I could find along with free domain registration.

I still had to learn about Internet marketing and how to promote my site so that I would get some traffic. I got quite a bit of information off the Internet, but ended up spending an additional few hundred dollars on e-books.

Many gurus said that the “money is in the list,” which meant spending another $250. a year for an autoresponder so that I could efficiently send emails to anyone who signed up for my newsletter.

Getting submitted into the directories was like pulling teeth, many of them would not accept mirrored sites, you know, same content, same products. This was all just a waste of my time and I knew it, but I loved being able to stay home and work on the Internet. So I continued looking.

Then lo and behold, I came across Site Build It! Now I will admit that I have this “obsessive analytical thinking behavior” (especially since being scammed a few times) where “I feel that if I don’t check things over several times, something could go wrong and I could fail.” You may know what I mean.

So I learned everything there was to learn about what SBI had to offer. I mean after all, this program seemed to be on the expensive side or was it? After a few days of studying the website and action guide, I took the plunge; the guarantee was unbeatable, so how could I lose. If I did not begin to see some success in my first year, I could at least get
some of my money back.

SBI Guarantee: No time limits. Ask for your money back anytime. SiteSell.com will refund you 100% within the first 30 days of purchase, and on a pro-rata basis after that, for whatever part of the year remains.

I bought the program, did some brainstorming, built a site about what I know and love to talk about. SBI hosts your site and domain name. I didn’t have to know any HTML, (OK, if you want to fancy up your page some with some color and some bold highlights or something then the very basics are good to know) and then just put my content into the block-by block builder. You can upload your own HTML pages; I was just not ready for this step yet.

When you feel that your page is complete, the SBI builder analyzes it to be sure that it is search engine optimized. You click on the “build it” button and it is automatically submitted to the search engines.

When it came to building my site, SBI had a lot to offer, but I still had to get it submitted to search engines in the beginning, and then to directories. Another way of getting good page rank was to exchange links with other quality sites.

Just the thought of this was enough to make me want to give up. It was going to take me hours and be a very tedious process. The good news is Site Build It has a Value Exchange Program that does all the tedious work for you; all you have to do is choose the sites that you would like to link with.

I was able to cancel my autoresponder because SBI offers one along with many other necessary tools. They just wanted me to focus on building high quality content for my website. And other than getting my site submitted into directories they pretty much did the rest!

Beware of Home Based Business Scams!

Each day thousands of folks are seeking to find that one and only home based business. Many more people start a business at home only to become defeated. Why? Because folks often neglect to see that the opportunity just was not attainable in the first place!

Can one avoid this trap? Yes, but you must know how to spot the gems and how to say no to the scams.

Problem #1: Many home based business opportunities, especially the new ones, are not yet proven. The product or service is not yet well established. Opportunities, which are too new, can be risky! Let those who can afford it pave the way, ie. Fortune 500 companies.

Problem #2: Many are just promoting the same old out-of-date dreary plans and programs. The majority of home based business opportunities mention that they are new and cutting edge, but they are not really. They may have that new look, but in reality are only a scam!

Following some research, you will discover very little if anything "new" at all about them. It is wise to become involved in an opportunity that is better than most, is well-founded, and is part of an exciting combination of the three most enthusiastic emerging multi-billion dollar trends.

Problem #3: There are a multitude of home based business opportunities that just make the promoters wealthy. Most people who are caught-up in these plans rarely make much money at all.

Problem #4: Plenty of the sizzling and exciting profit making home based business opportunities are crooked and unlawful. Do not, ever, sign-up with any home based business opportunity that looks appealing and sounds too good to be true.

Always ask what is the product or service behind the opportunity, if this product or service has taken the world by storm as it claims to have, then where is the market for it? And would you be able to make money even without all the hype and buzz?

Problem #5: Countless home based business opportunities are not long lasting. In other words, they are here today and gone tomorrow! They are all a lot of talk with no set foundation to back them up; there is no "actual" service or product. At some point, there will be no more hype and the market will be gone for good!

Do not allow yourself to get drawn into a home based business opportunity supported by complete hype.

Mar 21, 2008

The Beauty of Working Online

#1 - Anyone Can Do It!

Anyone can build a business online, people who work full-time, housewives, the unemployed, students, senior citizens, and the disabled. They all form the bulk of those who already are working online.

#2 - Easy Money?

People are attracted to the fact that working online brings easy money. And it does, however, you need to remember that you will begin making money only after a period of time in which you put in some hard work, discipline and dedication. Then and only then does it all become easier.

#3 - Work Full or Part-Time

Working online allows people to work on a part-time basis. For example, for those who have a job outside of the home, it is highly recommended that you keep it until you are making at least an income equal to your current job or better before you so much as consider leaving your day job.

Students will only be able to work online on a part-time basis so that they can pursue their studies. Stay at home moms may only be able to work part-time because they have small children to watch over.

However, if you are ready and serious about devoting yourself full-time into the job you can consider a more advanced approach to what the Internet has to offer. You could build a business online with your own website, reaping even bigger profits from working online.

#4 - A Plan of Action

You will be required to have a plan of action concerning the steps that you are going to take when building your online business. You can search for information on the web about online jobs. By doing this you will discover the right tools and information needed for taking appropriate action.

There are a variety of options you could choose from. You might want to become an affiliate, promoting someone else's product or service. You could try paid surveys, or other get paid to programs.

There is a vast amount of information provided on the World Wide Web, so it is advisable to keep updated and clear on all that is happening in Internet marketing to ensure that your income is constantly growing. Then you can begin earning great profits from the internet.

Believe me, it takes time to educate yourself with all the information available on the net. It's everywhere, and many gurus offer some very valuable information, but there is always a catch.

They usually want you to buy a product, which sounds like it will do a world of good to help you along with your business. But then you will need to get another product or tool to make that work and then another and so on.

To say the least, it can make you frustrated and fed up. Once I found SBI, I could become more focused on what I was doing. There was still a lot to learn and I have still had to do a lot of work, writing content and building my site.

But the information and tools available with your SBI package are all you really need. The best part is that it’s all in one place and you won't have to search the Internet to find what your looking for, you can if you want to but it really isn't necessary.

Once you have educated yourself on Internet marketing, built your website and have had success with it, you will then be able to say, "That was easy."